Vaping my New Hobby

Vaping has recently been my hobby. First time I have use it and I knew that I would really like it for a very long time. It is not complicated how to use and most of all it is very convenient because of its portability.

Like I said I just did vape recently, I was a smoker before. A heavy smoker to categorize it. It was so severe that I can consume at least a pack a day. I was so addicted to it that I will smoke wherever, whenever I want. I am alarmed cause even in public places I will start to smoke even if it is prohibited.

And not mention the health risk that I face as well as my family. That the big reason why I chose another hobby which was vaping.

So how did I go into vaping? First of all, I want a shout out to my guy Justin. He was the one that introduce vaping to me. He is a vaporizer enthusiast he was so helpful in my vaping quest.

He was my main resource person when it comes to vaping. He has so much knowledge about vaping that he made a site about it. His site is so great. It has reviews on the latest vaporizers and also updates. The site also has the latest discounts and mark downs.

And by the way the site has comparison reviews that are great. For example, arizer solo 2 versus the mighty vaporizer. The article was spot on and it helped me a lot in buying my first ever vaporizer, a mighty vaporizer.

Many positive things happened to me when I finally commit myself to vaping. I feel I healthier now than when I was smoking. Thanks to vaping I am happier now!